MT 412 Collar Three Points Marking Machine
7 August 2018
MT 2200 Collar Point Trimming and Turning Machine
7 August 2018

MT 502 Pressing Machine For Sleeve Plackets

Easy PLC control with multifunctional LCD display. 3000 pcs/shift capacity can be obtained with latest technology. PLC controlled heating control system. Sleeve plackets and bias tape ironing is possible. After the fabric is positioned on the mold, it is transfeared to the stacking station.

The machine is easy to operate as it is fully automatic. Any kind of fabric is well positioned by the help of  laser line.

Mold can be adjusted for  some details such as stitching marks. Different type of molds can also be used. Automatic stacking prevents potential defects on the product.


Weight: 340kg
Compress Air: 6 Bar
Dimensions: 660x1100x1400mm
Electrical: 380V
Electrical Consumption: 6,5kw
Capacity: 400 pcs/hour
Ironing Temperature: 110 ̊C – 150 ̊C