MT 750 Fusing Pressing
29 August 2018
MT 402 Mold Collar Pressing Machine
29 August 2018

MT 1000 Fusing Pressing

Easy PLC control with multifunctional 7 inch LCD display.

Effective failure detection with easy interface of LCD screen. Quick recovery advantage in case of failure.

+ / – 1 degree tolerance at 170 degree temperature with computer controlled heating system.

Ability to easily adjust product exit time.

Digital belt speed.

Perfect fusing quality with the force of high pressure.


Weight: 780kg
Compress Air: 6 Bar
Dimensions: 1470x3200x1200mm
Electrical: 380V
Electrical Consumption: 17kw
Capacity: 4000 pcs/hour
Ironing Temperature: 130 ̊C – 160 ̊C