MT 702 Shirt Folding Machines
7 August 2018
MT 301 Thread Cleaning Machines
29 August 2018

MT 600 Fusing Pressing

Due to shock processing there is no reduction no paleness and no other defects occur on the fabric.

Shock processing also ensures less wearing of rolls as the same job can be done with less pressure. Side switches obtains the position automatically.

One or two operators can work together with the help of lighted work bench. 1500 pcs/ per shift capacity for collar, cuff or belts can be achieved.


Weight: 600kg
Compress Air: 6 Bar
Dimensions: 1430x1520x1730mm
Electrical: 380V
Electrical Consumption: 13kw
Capacity: 1500 pcs/hour
Ironing Temperature: 130 ̊C – 160 ̊C