MT 293 Collar Trimmer
7 August 2018
MT 600 Fusing Pressing
7 August 2018

MT 702 Shirt Folding Machines

MT 702 is a machine which can be used as a vapour ironing press with its powerfull resistance heating, vacuum motor and vapour exhaust holes.

It also prevents the operator to feel the ironing heat. Folding is always conform and standard due to illuminated button channel.

Folding fixtures are easily exchangeable and can be adjusted according to all shirt sizes.


Weight: 137kg
Compress Air: 6 Bar
Dimensions: 1380x1280x1220mm
Electrical: 380V
Electrical Consumption: 2000w
Capacity: 350 shirt/day
Ironing Temperature: 110 ̊C – 150 ̊C